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Dance paintings

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Was born on the 1st February 1959 in Belarus, Vitebsk province, in the city of Chashniki.
In 1971 he started his studies in the Fine Arts School of I E Repin, in the city of Kharkov, in Ukraine.

In 1976 he received his degree as Professor of Drawing and Paintings.
In 1978 he was recruited in the USSR Soviet Army in St. Petersburg (ex Leningrad) where he continued his study in the Fine Arts Academy.

Viktor has participated in many graphic and painting exhibitions in Ukraine. Has created many illustrations for American and Russian fantasy books. He also worked as art director in the literary and artistic magazine.

Many of Viktor Smolik tango artworks are in private colections in the USA, Canada, Japan, Germany, Australia, Italy and Great Britain.
In 2000 he emigrated to Argentina with his family.

Viktor Smolik
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